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A wide range of Free Zones in the UAE offer their services and facilities for safe and efficient business of any nature. Are you thinking of opening your own company in the UAE? We are happy to offer our knowledge and experience to make the process as easy and pleasant as it can be.


It is possible to form a company in a foreign country by yourself if you have plenty of free time to research about all related information, to collect all required sets of documents and to go through the whole process personally. In case you value your time and efforts and you need the results in the shortest period of time, then you need a company that will do the job for you. The company you need is The Doors Business Consultancy.


We provide the full range of company formation services in the various free zones within the UAE. We can do the following services for you and your business:

  • Suggest the most suitable free zone for your business
  • Prepare all required sets of documents with or without your presence
  • Assist with obtaining the company licence, owner/partner/employee visas, Emirates ID
  • Open a bank account
  • Assist with changing or adding a partner/activity/company name
  • Organise auditing services for your company
  • Support you through the entire formation process and beyond


Your Key Benefits of the Service

Who shall you trust to open your company in a foreign country? Those who have been lived long enough in this country in order to provide the most reliable and professional support to your business. The Doors Business Consultancy offers its solid experience in company formation process for the following benefits:

  We suggest you the most suitable free zone for your business
  We provide you full support through company formation process
 We save you valuable time, money and efforts
  We care about our reputation therefore your trust in us
  We are your one stop shop taking care of all aspects related to your business so you don't have to look for other service providers

Our specialists have solid experience in all phases of company formation and our customer focused approach makes us the best in our field.
We are capable of handling all company formation transactions and related issues in a fast, efficient and professional manner for the best benefits to your business.
We are committed to keeping our word and gaining your trust by providing reliable services to make sure you would like to work with us again and again.
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