Property Management | Company Formation | Supportive Services

Apart from our services in Property Management and Company Formation in UAE Free Zones, we provide professional support and assistance in the following:


  • Legal Translation and Legalisation of documents issued outside of UAE and those issued within the UAE but intended to be used abroad
  • Assistance with issuance of a Will (Inheritance)
  • Preparation and collection of various documents for both business and personal purposes
  • Assistance with issuance of POA (Power of Attorney)
  • Business Communication with governmental and commercial organisations
  • Administrative support of business meetings as a Personal Assistant or Translator
  • Representing clients interests as POA
  • Opening of Tourist Visas


Your Key Benefits of the Services

Whether you are a property owner or a business man, time to time you have to go through legal or administrative processes such as documents translation, registration, visa application or business correspondence that takes a lot of your valuable time you could spend in a better way. Considering the fact that all those processes take place in a foreign country, you need to be aware of their details and specifications. The Doors Business Consultancy will take care of many legal or administrative tasks for you. Leave your worries to sand we will do the job for you:

  We provide you with full informational support so you know exactly where to go and what to do
  We set you free of unpleasant causing headache processes and communications
 We save your valuable time that you can spend in a better way
  We are your reliable partner, your POA and Personal Assistant in many matters
  We represent your interests focusing on best benefits for you

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